1988 International Superman Exposition Pin - Cleveland

1988 International Superman Exposition Pin - Cleveland
Item# 1988-international-superman-exposition-pin--cleve1988

Product Description:

Superman Pin. Originally sold at the 1988 International Superman Exposition in Cleveland,OH to honor Superman's 50th Birthday. Though it is dated 'DC Comics 1944', these were sold in 1988 at the Expo. Still in original bag, never used.


Superman Original Cardboard Standee 1988 May Co Cleveland
Superman Original Cardboard Standee. 1988 May Co. Cleveland, OH. Cardboard Standee Displays for the International Superman Exposition in Cleveland, OH. Unused and never displayed. Approx 9".
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Superman Exposition 1988 Original Exclusive Patch
Superman Exposition Patch. Originaly sold at the International Superman Exposition in 1988 in Cleveland, OH to honor Superman's 50th Birthday in the city he was created in. DC Licensed patch. Impossible to find anymore. Never used in near mint condition.

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